Looking for real examples of companies that have used token gating, worked with NFT projects or have created virtual objects for the Metaverse?

This article shows you how companies are now integrating Web3.0 into their marketing and business processes.

Why should brands and businesses think about entering Web3.0?

Web3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the Internet, and businesses and consumers will inevitably have to adopt it.

The tech giants of Web2.0 have already moved to Web3.0: Twitter and Discord have integrated into the center of the Web3.0 conversation. Instagram and Twitter allow users to use NFTs as profile pictures. Facebook changed its name to Meta to emphasize its role in Web3.0 and the Metaverse.

In addition to creating and publishing NFT projects, businesses of all sizes will be able to communicate with their consumers in a variety of new ways, thanks to Web3 technology.

Businesses will be able to create more effective incentive or loyalty programs thanks to Web3.0 technologies. In other cases, members’ crypto wallets will be used to better analyze user behavior programs and other consumer experiences, the same way companies are already using tracking and cookies in Web2.0. 

Web3.0 is still pretty new. Even though mainstream adoption likely won’t happen for another three years or so, businesses that enter these markets first will stand to gain the most.

The best thing any business can do is to start preparing its Web3.0 integration.

A strategy to help your company enter Web3.0

Many brands are currently in a catch-22 situation. They don’t want to invest resources in Web3.0 development when the customer base is still limited. Most customers will not enter Web3.0 if no company sets up a shop there as well.

Just like they did at the beginning of social media. Pioneering companies will have to lead the way once again. Your company can set standards in a number of ways.

1: Actively participate in the Web3.0 space

Knowing how Web3.0 works will help you explain it to your audience in the best possible way.

First, create a cryptocurrency wallet if you haven’t already. The two easiest cryptocurrency wallets to use initially are Coinbase and Metamask. These two are accessible through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Then, once your wallet is set up, start exploring. Join free mint. Buy some cryptocurrency. Start trading. Join discussions in Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse.

From there, you can spread your knowledge by explaining it to your community!

Many of your audience’s questions will probably be similar to yours. Answers from someone who already knows, likes and trusts him enough to do business with him would be greatly appreciated. After answering these questions, you can proceed.

2: Inform your current audience using terminology they understand

Slang and technical language are clear ways to turn your readers on. In addition to being difficult to understand, Web3.0 jargon is no longer of interest to the majority of the public.

People will lose interest before you make any progress. But if you start talking to your audience about things like “smart contracts” and “blockchain” without explaining what those terms mean or how your customers will benefit from them, they will immediately lose interest.

Plan how to leverage Web3.0 concepts. Develop experiences or solutions that your audience will find useful as you learn more about it. Then use the language your audience is familiar with to drive through those experiences or solutions.

A Web3.0 pilot group should be established at this time. This team will help build your Web3.0 transition tool and plan. Talk to our team members to get some early adopters ready to start discussing strategy and promoting your brand onboarding.

3: Use your own version to introduce your current audience to Web3.0

Create and release something that you can give them for free. Then help them create a wallet to enter the tokens you give them. This is an easy approach to introduce your audience from Web2.0 to what you are doing in Web3.0.

By doing this, you can put a token in their wallet. By designing experiences that can only be accessed by holding the token you gave them, you can help their adoption. After that it becomes much simpler to encourage rapid adoption of Web3.0 technology.

The experience or benefit need not be grand or sophisticated. Just identify a Web2.0 or real-world connection with your audience, and then imagine what a Web3.0 version might look like.

For example, you can allow users to link their wallets to your site and specific sites or content with token-gates instead of requiring them to enter a username and password to access specific areas of your site.

4: Work with current Web3.0 communities.

There are already groups dedicated to Web3.0. They aim to improve the value and usefulness of it to the members. Even if a formal relationship isn’t what you’re looking for, you can still reach out and start a conversation with community members who seem like a good fit for your company.

Many project managers are open to partnerships and cross promotions. Where both communities stand to gain because Web3.0 culture is collaborative in nature.

For example, Adidas partnered with the existing Bored Ape NFT project to launch the Adidas into the Metaverse NFT series when they entered the Web3.0 market. Anyone who owned one of these NFTs had the advantage of accessing a specific page on the Adidas website and exchanging their NFT for new products.

5: Use Web2.0 and traditional marketing campaigns to spread the word about your Web3.0 projects and experiences.

One of the main factors influencing consumer adoption of Web3.0 will be your marketing, as this will increase the number of concrete examples of the benefits of Web3.0 for your customers. More consumers interacted with these profiles as a result of integrating businesses’ Facebook and Twitter accounts into TV ads.

Similar consumer acceptance will occur as your company incorporates and references Web3.0 projects in Web2.0-based marketing. This is another case where you build it, people will come after you tell them.

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Source: https://bit.ly/3BD45TN