Unlike conventional marketing schemes, web 3.0 marketing strategies and techniques are exceptionally data oriented and future minded. Zoltar.Agency can create your roadmap to success.

Zoltar is a Web3.0 marketing agency that provides the strategies and secrets you’re missing. We analyze your project from top to bottom and identify the needs for it to be successful in an organized and professional way. We then provide you with a step-by-step methodology to reach your current and long-term objectives.

“We’ll write your White Paper before even speaking to you!”


Want to build a trustworthy, engaging & active Discord & Telegram community for your brand? You’ve reached the right place.



Buyer personas

To help you reach your growth goals faster in Web 3.0, your strategy needs to attract maximum engagement. Our professional team will plan the strategy based on your target buyer personas.

Social media mix

We help blockchain, and Web3 brands build audiences on Telegram, Discord and Twitter. The marketing plan we've developed for your project is based on the objectives you've mentioned. We've outlined the services we plan to provide to help you reach your objectives and take part in the activities you've chosen in the following sections.

Community building

Community is at the backbone of every successful Web 3.0 project. We will help you to create and maintain a community that we create value for and make them feel welcome in the community. Educate the community about the niche and marketing. We love blockchain and know what we are talking about. Our community managers are crypto-natives and happy to support your company in different channels: - Content Strategy for Blockchain projects - Full Social Media Support: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc - Content distribution: Reddit, Forums, Telegram groups, Discord chats, etc - Ads campaigns in social media - Influencer community engagement strategies - Automatization and Analytics

Paid media

From Google to Video, we will assemble high-level and professional ad campaigns, optimized for your audience. We will also monitor the performance and provide you with an in-depth monthly analysis report, which will enable us to pursue set goals.