Be among the first to make the jump to Web3.0 and shape the future of the internet! Package your vision into a unique identity with a leading web 3.0 branding agency.

Be among the first developers to make the jump to Web3 and shape the future of the internet! Package your vision into a unique identity with a leading branding agency.

As a trusted web 3.0 branding agency with proven results, we can help you answer all your questions. We understand that strong branding practices increase your visibility, build trust, and drive sales, so we are on hand to help companies struggling to navigate this tricky plane.

Zoltar agency provides tangible solutions that help companies establish, preserve, and enhance their brand in web 3.0.

Elevate your marketing strategy with branding services that resonate with your audience.



Whether you’re building a brand from the ground up, looking to increase brand awareness, or improve brand reputation, our enthusiastic team can help with:

  • Brand Style Guides

  • ️Brand Design

  • Brand Development

  • Logo Design

Social Media Branding

By partnering with a digital branding agency, you gain access to design and marketing experts and save yourself the worry of whether you’re hitting the mark. We ensure your company takes advantage of different social media trends and styles to help strengthen your brand on a global web 3.0 stage. We map out a strategy that helps you package your key messages in engaging and creative ways, without compromising your brand integrity.

Corporate Branding

Using our professional branding services, businesses can create compelling corporate media that leaves a significant digital mark. Our marketing strategies are driven by creativity and a keen focus on delivering meaningful connections in new or even global markets.

Website Branding

Build a website that generates leads, engages audiences, and converts them into loyal customers. By utilizing our web design and development experts, copywriters, and marketing strategists, you will receive a unique website with cross-platform compatibility that appeals to your consumer base.

3D AVATAR as a service

Get your business ready for the metaverse transformation – with ready-to-use full body avatars. We offer all quality levels of avatar creation, from basic user avatars to high-end virtual replicas. Our avatars are already used in the gaming, event, and film industry as well as for outstanding shopping and customer experiences. Your Passport to the Metaverse Create your avatar and explore virtual worlds with one consistent identity. It's your passport to the metaverse. Buy limited NFTs for your avatar. Trade or sell them on a marketplace of your choice.