Real estate tokenization employs technological means (blockchain) and smart contracts to execute and record transfers of real property ownership in ways that are faster, cheaper, and overall, more efficient than what is currently available under the traditional framework. Real estate properties can be tokenized whether commercial or residential, so investors can sell or trade them with ultimate transparency. Real estate tokens are part of the security token ownership (STO).

Zoltar agency – your partner to tokenization measurable results


Real estate token marketing can be complex. Increased regulations and a lack of understanding from the public can make it difficult to get your message across and connect with potential investors. Our STO marketing agency makes sure that doesn’t happen. We live and breathe crypto, and once we capture your vision, we get to work creating an STO promotion campaign that will turn the right heads and drive adoption.

We don’t just generate buzz — we create tangible results that directly impact your business goals. From raising brand awareness to community building to boosting ROI, we do it all. Don’t settle for second-best when it comes to your STO marketing. Work with the best in the business.



  • We have a team of experienced marketers and with their project-specific result-oriented marketing strategies they will make sure that your STO gets the required exposure.


Audit & Report

We begin by performing a full audit of your project and producing a detailed report including an action plan for your STO promotion campaign. Once we have this information, we can start to formulate a strategy for driving results.

Data-Driven Roadmap

Everything we do is data-driven. Using the findings from our audit, we'll map out a data-driven roadmap for your budding STO project. Then we get to work.

Strategy Execution

This is where the magic happens. We put our plan into action, executing the agreed-upon security token marketing strategy and tactics. We’ll monitor all the necessary KPIs, so you can carefully track the progress of your campaign.

Test, Refine, Optimize

We never stop testing, refining, and optimizing our efforts. As we collect data, we'll constantly be tweaking our approach to ensure that we're always driving the best possible results for your project.