TO THE METAVERSE…AND BEYOND. We help brands demystify, better navigate, and capitalize on the weird and wonderful world of the Metaverse.

With the right metaverse strategy, companies can define their vision—and their path to value. But they also need to build the capabilities, the talent, and the applications that bring their metaverse vision to life. Zoltar’s metaverse services provide a unique blend of strategic and technical expertise to help companies take a holistic, end-to-end approach to the metaverse.




  • We have a team of experienced marketers and with their project-specific result-oriented marketing strategies they will make sure that your STO gets the required exposure.


Metaverse strategy and roadmap

We help companies identify their role in the metaverse and create a business case. Crucially, we also develop a roadmap that outlines the capabilities, talent, operating model, and initiatives necessary to achieve their vision.

Investment and M&A target search

Whether it’s to acquire new talent and capabilities or simply for investment purposes, metaverse M&A is gaining steam. We identify and evaluate targets, analyze investment themes, and conduct due diligence of—and for—metaverse companies.

Use case identification and execution

We zero in on the most promising metaverse use cases, and then take them from prototype to at-scale deployment. Our team of metaverse consultants includes experts who build and launch cutting-edge metaverse experiences.

Metaverse infrastructure enablement

Because building and scaling metaverse products requires the right technical infrastructure, we assess companies’ current capabilities, identify critical infrastructure and capabilities, and create a blueprint for end-to-end enablement.