The Greater Hellenic Foundation is thrilled to host the first-ever Global XR Summit on May 11th, 2023. This groundbreaking event will bring together leading researchers, creators, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutional actors from around the world to explore the latest innovations in eXtended Reality (XR).

Taking place at the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center, the Global XR Summit is a part of the XR COSMOS Integrated Applications Program, spearheaded by the Greater Hellenic Foundation.

We are proud to announce that Dimitris Dimitriadis will be a featured speaker at the summit, which will examine the intersection of digitalization and the Olympics. From its origins as a small-scale competition in ancient Greece to its current form as a global sporting event, the Olympics have evolved to showcase the physical and mental prowess of athletes from all corners of the world.

But as digitalization continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, it’s time to consider how the Olympics can adapt to address some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. Could the global tradition of the Olympics be transformed into a platform for teams from around the world to focus on issues such as climate change, social equity, and socio-political conflicts?

At the Global XR Summit, Dimitris Dimitriadis will share his insights and ideas on VR, AR, Web3, and Metaverse investments. Attendees will learn what makes companies stand out, what investors are looking for, what they are avoiding, and some of the biggest mistakes startups make when pitching VCs.