In a groundbreaking session at the MENA Business Education Conference, Zoltar Agency’s founder Dimitris Dimitriadis delivered a keynote that left an indelible mark on educators, students, and stakeholders alike. The event, organized by World Learning and supported by the U.S. Department of State, aimed to empower business schools through digital transformation. Dimitriadis, leveraging his futurist mindset, focused on a compelling message: “AI in education can only grow at the speed of trust.” 

Mr. Dimitriadis didn’t just talk about trust; he demonstrated its critical role in technological adoption. As educational systems increasingly integrate AI tools, building trust among all parties becomes imperative. Without this trust, even the most advanced AI tools will remain underutilized, hindering progress and innovation. 

The keynote was more than a lecture; it was a vision of the future. Mr. Dimitriadis guided the audience through a transformative journey that breathed life into the concepts of personalized and democratized education. He showcased the transformative potential of ethical AI practices, underscoring the audience’s role as enablers of this future. 

The session was highly interactive, employing real-world examples to illustrate the concept of “Intelligence Augmentation.” Mr. Dimitriadis masterfully showcased how AI systems aim to support human reasoning, creating an inclusive environment for both neurotypical and neurodiverse learners. The keynote was not just about introducing new technologies; it was about equipping the attendees with the skills and knowledge to make education more accessible and effective. 

He emphasized the importance of collaboration among business schools, especially in the MENA region. Trust serves as the bedrock of such collaborations, making it easier and more effective to share data and insights for AI-driven educational models. The session harnessed the power of collective intelligence, enhancing the learning process and creating a highly engaging and empowering environment. 

Mr. Dimitriadis’ keynote at the MENA Business Education Conference proved to be a monumental platform to illustrate the transformative potential of AI in education. It was an extraordinary convergence of ethical considerations and technological possibilities, a true testament to Zoltar Agency’s commitment to shaping the future of education through the technology of today. Be sure to learn more about this groundbreaking event on our website.