Dimitris Dimitriadis,speaking to XR Summit 2023.

Dimitris Dimitriadis, shared his expertise on XR investment opportunities at the first global XR Summit organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. 

As part of the summit’s agenda, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Institute for Futures & Foresight Research IFFR DAO, Futurist, led a discussion titled “XR Investment Opportunities,” delving into the captivating realm of Extended Reality (XR) and its potential for investors and startups. 

The XR Global Summit focused on funding and the burgeoning startup ecosystem, shedding light on the importance of directing attention towards customers, not just shareholders, as highlighted by Andrey Lunev, Startup Wise Guys, Venture Partner XR.

In the panel discussion titled “Investing in XR,” moderated by Dimitriadis, Andrey Lunev, also presented forecasts from international firms regarding the rapid growth of the VR/AR and metaverse market.

During the discussion, Rika Nakazawa, NTT, Group Vice President, New Ventures & Innovation and Head of Sustainability, Americas, offered valuable insights on securing funding from investors. She stressed the need for entrepreneurs to have a clear understanding of their financial requirements while being prepared for rejection before achieving the final “yes.”

Petri Rajahalme, FOV Ventures, Founding Partner,  also shared his expertise on startup funding, highlighting the constructive nature of venture capitalists’ feedback. He encouraged entrepreneurs to view a “no” as an opportunity for improvement and leverage appropriate interventions to transform it into a future “yes.

The XR Summit 2023, as part of the XR COSMOS program, proved to be a platform for groundbreaking discussions and networking opportunities within the XR landscape.