Dimitris Dimitriadis at the SPEAK & THRIVE seminar: A fusion of voice and AI

At a time when technology is dancing with human interaction, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Futurist and founder of zoltar.agency, recently shed light on the SPEAK & THRIVE seminar hosted by Nina Kaloutsa. Under the title “SPEAK & THRIVE: VOICE | PUBLIC SPEAKING | PRESENCE“, he explained the complex web of voice as a bridge between us and the burgeoning world of artificial intelligence (AI).

Voice: The human touch in a digital world

Imagine that your voice not only transmits words, but also helps shape the future of digital interaction. Dimitriadis illustrated this concept vividly, showing how our voice breathes life into digital communication. The further development of AI isn’t just about algorithms, but about making the technology more human and likable. Our voices don’t just speak, they teach AI to understand and respond to us better.

Humans and AI: a synergetic relationship

The seminar addressed the question of how empathy and inclusion can thrive in a digital landscape. Dimitriadis emphasized a future in which technology doesn’t replace human skills, but complements them. It’s about using AI to enhance our skills and opportunities, rather than fearing it as a job killer. This perspective is crucial for anyone who wants to be successful with AI in the digital age.

The impact of the seminar

With an audience of more than 200, both online and offline, the seminar stimulated conversations and new insights. Dimitriadis’ contribution wasn’t just a lecture, but a catalyst that inspired participants to see technology through a human-centered lens. His insights into public speaking and AI remind us that in a world of codes and algorithms, the human voice remains a powerful tool for connection and understanding.

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