Dimitris Dimitriadis at the Game Of Money Club

Dimitris Dimitriadis, Futurist & Co-Founder of Zoltar.Agency, will join Christiana Aristidou, Founder & CEO, ‘The Hybrid LawTech Firm’, and Alexios Vandoros, CEO of Wealth Avenue, for the monthly meeting of the Game Of Money Club members in Athens, on Sunday, February 18.

The speakers will discuss new trends in technology and business, such as blockchain, AI, tokenization, and the future. As part of the future and technology theme, Dimitris Dimitriadis will present his book, “2049: A User’s Guide to the Future of Humanity,” and will analyze how big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the exponential growth of new technologies are shaping the future, explaining what you need to know today to be prepared for tomorrow.

The Game of Money Club is for those who want to learn how to develop the right mindset and play the game of money. Subscribed members can access the “Learn the Money Game” platform, which includes eCourses, communities, and podcasts.

Find out about the meeting and the interesting talks either in person or online at gameofmoney.gr, and stay tuned to zoltar.agency to be the first to know about all the news and future events.